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What I learned from my failed marriage — Actress Funke Akindele ‎ ‎

by 9jafave

Popular Nollywood actress Funke Akindele shares her experience on what she learned about her failed marriage to the talent manager, JJC Skillz.

During a recent interview with the prominent media personality, Chude Jideonwo, Funke revealed that she faced difficulties and had to overcome the challenges.

Drawing from her own life as an example, Funke Akindele emphasized that she succumbed to societal pressures and hastily entered into a marriage in an attempt to fulfil societal expectations.

Regrettably, things did not go as planned, leading to a highly publicized divorce.

Akindele revealed that her divorce had repercussions, including the loss of business opportunities and the emotional toll it took on her. However, her mother played a crucial role in helping her navigate through this challenging period.

She concluded by offering advice to young women, urging them to learn from her experiences and avoid rushing into marriage.

“Take your time, if you rush in you will rush out. You know, I just wanted to get married. I want to do things right, have children and all that. When I went into the marriage, it didn’t work fine. And it ended in a very bad way, in social media, the noise was everywhere. I was actually filming and somebody called me and told me, I wanted to die!”

“You know I cried, lost some good deals then. But I didn’t let it break me. Thank God for my mum who encouraged me to put more effort to work. I channeled the energy to work and I kept saving more. I didn’t let the situation break me down.”

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