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Popular Veteran Albino Actor, Adewale Elesho Shares The Mystery Surrounding His Birth

by 9jafave

Prominent Yoruba actor Adewale Adeoye, widely known by his stage name Adewale Elesho, attributes his unusual birth circumstances to his widespread fame.

In a recent interview, the veteran actor revealed that his albinism garnered significant interest and attention from a young age, thanks in part to media personality Adedoyin Kukoyi.

He shared how the contrast between his parents’ darker complexions and his own prompted curiosity and attention from others.

Elesho recounted that his late mother, a trader, was initially distressed by his birth, fearing rumors of an affair with her Lebanese supplier due to his unique appearance.

However, his father’s joy and pride in their shared family resemblance quickly dispelled her concerns.

“I became popular since my birth. The news got everywhere that a white man was born. Some will scold their wards for coming to our house because they had given birth to an albino. Some will even wonder if I’m Chinese. Many people come to look at me out of curiosity.

“My birth, too, was a little difficult. My late mother said the day I was born was a day of sorrow for her because she was a dark-complexioned trainer who sold breakable plates that were being supplied to her by the Lebanese.

“So when I was born in a hospital in Ibadan, my mother wept for the suspicion that might arise that she had had something with one of the Lebanese. But when my dad came, my mother said he carried me and started jubilating because I look like his grandmother”.

Yekinni Adebola, Adewale’s older brother, fervently defended him against taunts and ridicule until they both came to accept and appreciate his albinism.

Adewale’s rise to fame began in 2016 when comedian Arole introduced him to the art of creating Instagram skits. This not only paved the way for his son Yemi Elesho’s popular comedy skits but also boosted Adewale’s own successful Nollywood career.

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